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 Finals Fever

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PostSubject: Finals Fever   Fri May 25, 2007 3:18 am

have you guys caught finals fever yet? i think it's spreading through my house because recently every time me and my brother walk pass each other and there's a couch/wall/chair on my side he'll wait till i'm next to him, slam me in to whatevers there and yells HIP CHECK!

and for me i do something wrong right? and then i yell SHOOT! but then i'm always thinking that i'm watching hockey and i'm like there's no hockey around here! but then i realize that i had just done something stupid.. do you get my point? tongue
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PostSubject: Re: Finals Fever   Fri May 25, 2007 3:08 pm

pwa ha ha ha.....sound like a lot of fun in your house!!! LOL.....yeah final fever!.......I still can't decide for which team I should chear up for!!!

I'm at my summer camp when the playoff are on sooo it's already starting to separate our team of counsellors! sunny

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PostSubject: Re: Finals Fever   Sat May 26, 2007 12:31 am

Ah, I've got it too...final fever everywhere Very Happy

*go sens*

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PostSubject: In my house..   Mon May 28, 2007 10:54 am

Yeah i get really insane around finals, but it's not fun in my house because my sisters are into two different sports (volleyball and gym/cheerleading competition) so i have nobody to "hip check" against the wall Sad lol., but yeah!!! I'VE GOT THE FEVER BABY!!!

Zach Parise - New Jersey Devils
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PostSubject: Re: Finals Fever   

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Finals Fever
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