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 Finally Back

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PostSubject: Finally Back   Finally Back Icon_minitimeSun Jul 01, 2007 10:41 pm

Hey y'all!!! SOOO glad to be back!! I thought school was never going to end for me!!

Congrats to all the grads..next year I'll get to say goodbye to high school...finally!!

I will have pics of my spring season coming soon...my cousin took them...i hope he knows how to send them via e-mail!! we had a great season and the rink is under repair for 2 weeks!! I'm feelin all ur pain! **although i cheated and was disloyal and went to the rink on the other side of town (Danii-Aspen) and skated at their DJ skate! I love those, they shut out all the lights and put on a bunch of disco balls and club lights and blast music so you cant hear anything when you get out of there!

Summer is finally here...unfortunately I'll be leaving for vacation on July 14th until the 23rd. we go down to Maryland and camp..big fun, no electricity!! Sad whts everybody else doin?

I got a job (my last place of employment closed!) at a boarding kennel...i'll be picking up poop, feeding and watering dogs and cats for minimum wage all summer!! i love the pets...not too fond of the mess they leave behind but who is!? anybody else got a cool summer position??! plz share!

So now that i've chewed your ears off....i'll be back tomorrow!!!
<3 danni

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Finally Back
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